Your object is to control the most territory in the Battle field. At the end of the 13th game turn, the player that has the most flags is declared as the Winner.

Game Setup
Game Setup


Before starting a game, choose your army; take your Units, Flags, Buildings, and Cards; then place them on the table in front of you.

Four Armies
Four Armies

Start with locating your Units on your Capital. The type and number of Units are your choice.

The Game is now ready to begin!

Game Turn

DarkMace is played over 13 turns each consisting of the following four steps:

  • Step 1.Move Units
  • Step 2. Recruit Units
  • Step 3. Construct Building
  • Step 4. Manage Gold

Step 1.Move Units

  • Move 4 of your Units at most. Either March or Attack.
  • March each Unit to a valid Space. A valid Space should not exceed move range of your Unit, not contain a Unit, not contain enemy’s Wall, not be a Rock Space, and not be a Water Space.
Terrain Types
Terrain Types
  • Declare a valid target for attacking, For Melee attack, a valid target is an enemy Unit adjacent to your Space after your attack move. For Ranged attack, a valid target is an enemy Unit positioned at most 2 free Spaces away from your attacking Unit.
  • Draw a Battle Card. If Battle Card value is equal to or greater than the minimum required, then remove the target from the board.

Cavalry vs Infantry

Archer vs Cavalry

Catapult vs Wall

  • Plant a Flag onto each Enemy-Free Province where you have at least one Unit.

Step 2. Recruit Units

  • Take Units from your front and put them on free Spaces of your Capital or your Province with a Barrack. Capital and Provinces must be Enemy-free.

Step 3. Construct Building 

  • Construct one Building at most to a valid Space. A valid Space should belong to a flagged and Enemy-free Province or Capital and should be a free Space.

Step 4. Manage Gold

  • Take your Gold Coins from the box as a one-off action. The number of coins taken must be equal to the current turn number. Spend your coins to take Units, Buildings and Power cards each having specific costs.

At the end of a turn;

  • Advance the Time Marker one space on Time Tracker and if the Time Marker is on “XIII” that means the players will play their last turns.
  • Position your Kingdom Marker on Kingdom Track by counting your Flags on the board.
  • At the end of the last turn, the player with the highest position on the Kingdom Track wins the game.
Time & Kingdom Tracks
Time & Kingdom Tracks

Power Cards

ATTACK: When played, Minimum Battle Card Value is reduced by 2. Used for both Melee and Ranged Attacks. More than one can be played in a single attack to increase the possibility of having a successful attack., even  to guarantee it. Even so, a Battle Card should be drawn.

MOVE UNIT: When played, 2 more Units can be moved which should be different than previous ones. More than one can be played in a single turn to move large group of Units.

BUILD:  When played, 1 more Building (Barrack, Wall or Port) can be constructed in a single turn.

SHIELD: When played,  the Shield Marker is placed on a chosen Unit and that Unit has 1 more life from now on. The marker is removed if the Unit is hit. The Unit is removed after the second hit.

MULTIPLE  ATTACK: When played after the Attack Move, the Attacker Unit can attack to all adjacent  Spaces. A Battle Card should be drawn for each of the Defenders on that Spaces and Battle results  will be obtained correspondingly.  This card can only be played for Melee Attacks, not for Ranged ones.