Battle of Legends

What is Battle of Legends ?

BoL overview

BoL is a board game of ancient-medieval battles between two armies consisting of famous historical units such as: roman legionary, english longbowman, european knight, etc., each having different moving, attacking, defending abilities and special skills.

You must position them strategically across the battlefield to best coordinate your attacks and to apply some combat tactics such as oblique formation, outflanking, hit & run, shield wall, etc...

  • CATEGORY: Ancient, Medieval, Miniatures, Wargame
  • TYPE: Modular Board, Hex Grid Movement, Dice Combat, Command Cards, Variable Player Powers
  • PLAYERS: 2 players
  • TIME: 60-90 min

Meet the Legends

BoL is based on the idea of the assortment of legendary historical units rather than random fantasy ones.

An English Longbowman performing a long distance ranged attack, a European Knight taking position for a charge, a Mongolian Horse Archer running after hitting the enemy, a Roman Legionary in a shield wall under his scutum are some highlights of the game.

Try the Game

BoL is still work in progress, however a Print & Play Version is ready for your playtest.

Just download the Rulebook and the Print & Play File and try this Boardgamegeek Contest Winner wargame!


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